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On Blogging: From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

2 Jun


We Are One

16 May

It’s only been a couple of days but I’m loving this blogging business. It’s certainly filling a hole. Is there a honeymoon period, more experienced bloggers? Haha, today i rushed home quick so i could sit here and write to you, you’re like my new boyfriend! :s

I dunno if everyone feels a certain sense of isolation within their lives, if it’s part of the human condition, if it’s part of modern life, or if it’s just me…but i do, some times more acutely than others.

I haven’t even interacted too much on here yet; I’ve discovered a few blogs that i check regularly and have commented on, and a couple of very nice people have engaged me. Here are my faves so far:





Isn’t a sense of community just lovely? It’s too soon for me to be experiencing that in full yet, but im certainly seeing the potential, and already i don’t feel so isolated or dis-connected from everyone else 🙂

I’m completely in love with the idea of shared thoughts, shared experience across the distances that separate us all. I love the idea that I’m sat here, in a suburban garden somewhere in the south of England, writing my most mundane/reflective/interesting/pointless thoughts, and almost instantly, a complete stranger somewhere in Lao, whose values, lifestyle and struggles may be entirely different to mine, can read it. I can read about anything and everything, from the weird and wonderful to the tedious or offensive or non-sensical, and it’s all personal, all from the horse’s mouth. I absolutely love it!

I love the sense of freedom too. Power to the people! We are no longer reliant on newsgroups with their own agendas to inform us about global goings-on. We can talk to each other! I get a real sense of wonderment from that, it makes me feel hopeful.

I’m pretty sure I’ve not yet used a fraction of the features on it yet too. I’m looking forward to exploring the range of mediums i can post in because it’ll give me much more of an expressive range. I like to write songs and sing; i’m hoping soon i’ll be brave enough to post one. I’m working on something at the moment, maybe that’ll be the one.

I like to paint n stuffs too, and i’d like to explore visual expression more. I’d like to learn how to use a program that i could make cool cartoons on, any suggestions? I’s like to learn how to use stop motion too. I like these blogs particularly because of the visuals:



Anyway, my creative motivation has been given a new lease of life by having this platform, where we can share our shit.

Ballbags to people who warn us about the dangers of the internet (all that porn etc). Freedom is not to be feared!

The internet seems like the biggest step in the last…forever, in uniting us all. The collective consciousness manifest. Cos after all, we are one.

Love to you reading this, in whatever remote corner or busy metropolis you find yourself at this moment.

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