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Back To Blank

3 Jun

I’m happier with t his one than the last.


Writer’s Block: When Your Imaginary Friends Won’t Talk To You…

15 May

There are infinate things to write about and that’s probably part of the problem. It’s as if there’s this mass of thoughts, concepts, experiences and other abstracts that make up a soul, all whizzing around like a blurry globe inside my mind (well, when i envision it, it’s in my solar plexus). It’s difficult to slow it down enough to select a tiny part of it, take it out, dust it down, examine and describe it with words to solidify here. It’s turned out slightly paradoxical, because in wondering what to write about, turns out that in itself has become the topic of this post.

It’s funny, I’ve sat here in front of this computer on and off for 2 days, trying to grasp what to write about, when previous to creating this blog, I was buzzing with creativity, with something to say. Every few days an idea would come to me, and I’d feel it take shape and form throughout the day.

Now i am here, i am blank. The page is long and white  and my brain is static and mundane. I’ve lost the flow.  Sod’s law.

Ima do me some readin’! Baby-bio for the brain!

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